When a strange young female shows up in his territory all alone Trey, and his pack are shocked. But Trey knows his duty, protect the female at all cost. Then he meets Gabby and finds she is his mate. Now he must find out where she came from, what she is running from and then convince her to stay. That may be easier said than done when he finds she has no knowledge of the shifter world.

Gabby found a place to stay. Something deep inside her insists the area is safe, but she has been on the run for five years, she knows no place is safe for long. They always find her. She doesn't know how, she doesn't know who, or even why, she just knows, they will find her. On top of that worry, she is sure she is going crazy, she has no explanation for the events occurring around her. And the wolves, they keep showing up around her cabin. Are they hungry?

Can Trey convince Gabby he is her mate, and she is not going crazy? And what will he do to keep her safe?

Gabby is book one of a series. The books each focus on one couple, but the books must be read/listened to in the correct order for the over-all story. The books contain a dash of mystery, suspense, intrigue and humor with a touch of romance. No heat. Additional books to follow.

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