In Safe Haven Wolves females are rare. This makes them in high demand but unfortunately, not everyone has their best interest at heart. The rogues want mates and they don't really care how they get them. The honorable males want the females to have the chance to make a magical true-mate bond. Follow our characters as they find and rescue females and try to bring down the ones who would take what doesn't belong to them.

In the Deyarian Universe, leadership isn't determined by who is best suited to lead but by who was born with the magic to weave the next generation of souls into the race. Enter Darian and his three co-rulers. Too bad they have more problems than just leading the race. The gods have stuck their finger in the future of the race and things may never be the same again. Follow Darian and his bond brothers (co-rulers) as they struggle to lead the race with a fractured bond and some of the most illogical logic imaginable. The dragons can't even help with this one.