• Sherry Foster

All in a day's work.

See, that is misleading but ever so true at the same time. This week has been busy getting ready for my daughter and her children to come visit. They don't live close, not like my son and his children. So many children it takes a few days to get things set up for them to come see the family. But all of my exhaustion is worth it when I get to hold the babies after months of missing them. Which is why one can find me on my computer at 330 in the morning trying to wrap up a few things. But I have sent my cover artist a request for 3 more covers in the Safe Haven Wolves series. Everyone knows by now the name of book 7 but 8 and 9 are tightly guarded secrets at the moment. My fans will be the first to know when I do a cover reveal. Until then, have fun reading.

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