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Another story so soon?

We made it through another hurricane. This one actually sent my daughter north to us with 3 of her children. It was a difficult decision for her to make. Ride out the storm in a trailer surrounded by no trees or head north to ride it out in a brick house surrounded by decades old trees. Focusing on the path of the storm it appeared my area of the state would be hit harder than her area. I think in the end both our areas were hit hard. Her husband had to pick his way home via various roads due to the sheer amount of trees down while we had to contend with flooding. They lost power and a shed door. We came though with only a loss of a few limbs. But the loss of power combined with other things brought her to visit.

Usually I work at night, almost always I should say. Well the night of the 9th, when I would normally have double checked that everything was set for the newsletter to go out on the 10th was when Hurricane Delta slammed into Louisiana. No internet and no phone signal most of the night. By the time morning dawned the area was in shambles though the house I live in came through unscathed. With my daughter up from out of town I didn't have a lot of time to devote to trying to figure out what went wrong. The email went out to most everyone according to the report. 7 emails bounced, 6 people unsubscribed and one person reported the email as spam. But only 35 people downloaded the story. It went out to hundreds of people. Hundreds of those people opened the email. Dozens have sent me messages that they either did not get the email or they didn't get the story.

I posted the link to the email in the Safe Haven Wolves Group. I will be checking over the next few days to try to understand what went wrong. I changed a bit of code in the email provider. (I didn't exactly do this but I followed instructions I was given by the email provider and I swear I don't know what happened after that but it involved code. I don't understand code. So I have to research if my following instructions screwed things up.)

In the end I don't think it will matter. Like I pointed out above, the email was opened by hundreds so what I messed with didn't affect those people. I suspect there may be more to it but it will take me some time. I am not code smart at all. I don't think it would tell me it delivered the mail and hundreds opened it if I screwed something up.

Another email will be going out on the 17th with the link for Trina which will be .99 in the US and UK next week. The link for the next story, Edward isn't Happy, will be in the email on the 17th along with a surprise link (I hope). I believe this story will be the last one in this book.

If you click on the book cover you will be taken to the page to grab the book. If this next story is the last story the cover of the book will be revealed. I will have it up for 1 week on BookFunnel then it will be unavailable as I will enter a contract with Amazon and will no longer be able to send the book out free to anyone.

I hope you are enjoying the short stories. I have many more planned for another book, I will start it, with a hidden cover, when this book is published.

I met my great-grandson a few hours ago for the first time. No, I am not old enough to be a great, but when your child marries someone with an adopted daughter who is not much younger than her then they are yours and if that someone eventually has children then they are yours too. So, a great-grandmother in my 40s, life is strange. I am trying to convince my son to chose a super incredible grandfather name but he is still in denial that he could be a grandfather at 30 with a grandson almost as old as his youngest child. (When you marry someone who adopted an older child-these things happen.) I proposed he go with Dragon so the kids could say they were visiting their dragon as they grow older. His wife picked a boring, common name, Gigi. My apologies to anyone who also picked that name. I consider my name of Nana to be boring once I understood I could have gone for something incredible. I mean, you get to pick your grandparent name, make it incredible and unusual. Deathblade, Dragon, Nightslayer, Nighthawk, Ninja... I mean, the possibilities are endless. If I had only realized, but 10 grandkids later with the oldest one 14 and it is much too late for me to choose a different name. Unless I can have a completely separate great-grandmother name. I have thought on that one. But the grandkids will surely ruin it by calling me Nana too much. So remember, the 17th a new newsletter goes out. Trina goes on sale. Edward isn't Happy will be in the newsletter and it may very well be the last chance to grab it before it goes to Amazon. I hope everyone is doing well and if you haven't joined the Safe Haven Wolves Group, please pop over there and join us. We would love to have you and being a private group means none of your friends and family will be able to see any post you make to the group.

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