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Do you love to listen to books and wish Safe Haven books were on Audible? Then you will be happy to learn Gabby is in production now. I do not have a completion date yet but I will post as soon as I have more information. In other news:

I posted on facebook a sample of the audible narrator and I invite you to visit and listen to her and give your opinion. A little about narration of a book. The narrators take a sample, usually one given them by the author, and they produce a short recording so the author can get an idea of their voice and how they narrate. My narrator did not have a sample from me as we went around the gatekeeper for that. It was more of a I know this person who knows that person and they downloaded the book from Amazon and sent me a sample. Because of this they did not have the basics for Stormie and I did have people say that was not how they imagined her. The narrator will have a character sketch before beginning the book and will have a general idea of how I saw all the characters in my head. I am looking forward to what the future will bring with the books going on Audible and look forward to working with my narrator, Laila Paige.

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