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No. The story isn't here. But I did write a new one. I want to tell you about what is going on lately in the Safe Haven Wolves. Several months ago I asked my readers who they wanted to hear more about. I had written a short story about Gammon's early life and continued with him meeting Mia. The stories stretched out over several newsletters. I found many readers were waiting until I finished to read the story. Fair enough. I revised my plan. I would write short stories and send them out via the newsletters. I would send one complete story anytime I sent a newsletter. So far I have sent out Gammon's Early Years, Gammon finds Mia, Fleeing Justice and Time for Change. In Gammon's early years we find out why Gammon is the way he is about true-mates and why he hates humans. We learn what happened to Jutoh and how Gammon gained two Betas. In Gammon finds Mia, well, Gammon finds her and we get a glimpse of what he went through to gain her as his mate.

The vampires (Reliant race) have been on Earth a very long time chasing one particular female, Catherine, otherwise known as Dracula's she-devil. But no one has heard much of her. In Fleeing Justice we get a glimpse into her life and the problems the three vampires stuck on Earth have had. We also get a mention in the end of a ship, the same ship that brought Dacron to the planet and started the entire process of breaking the curse.

The readers wanted to know more about the shifters in Australia so I wrote Time for Change. The three females from America aren't real happy with the way the men have been operating down there and they may be willing to shake things up a bit. In the story a new shifter is introduced though we don't get to meet him. A Seeker has a message for Edward. Unfortunately, no one can act on the news.

And now there is Billy. Billy goes out in the newsletter on the 10th. This story is... interesting. We find out a few things we didn't know about the relationship between an Alpha and a Seeker even when the Seeker is not from that Alpha's pack. We find out the hint of a warning to Edward is also given to another Alpha. But the question won't be answered until Amber (book 9). Billy takes place shortly before the Book Amber as does a Time for Change. I have decided to try to do a blog each week to keep everyone updated on the books and what is going on with the Safe Haven Wolves. My plan is to blog every Monday. Maybe information on the packs, possibly information on a short story. If a book is about to be released. Sometimes I may add a short story. Sometimes I may tell you things like, Gabby will be .99 in the US and the UK from the 10th to the 16th of this month and the next week Trina will be .99 and the next week, well Amazon won't let me touch Kate at the moment because my contract renews on the 8th. But my plan is to have it .99 the week after Trina. I plan on one .99 book per week from here until Christmas. Unless I do the box set, which will be 2.99 on the 31st through Nov. 6th. The next week will be Julie. After every third book I will put the box set up for 2.99 for those three books. Remember, once I have enough stories for a book, oh crap, Jack just crashed something. Anyone want a pain in the butt raccoon? Kidding. Must go rescue things from her. (Time passes)

That is strange, I didn't see any destruction. So anyway, once I have enough stories, and I don't know how many is enough, for a book I will publish the stories to Amazon. Which means I will go under contract concerning the stories. So no one will have the free access to the stories they currently have but if you have downloaded the book of stories it will remain yours. At that time if you try to follow the link that gives you the stories it will say the access has expired. The book of short stories will be in Kindle Unlimited so if you have that service you can borrow the book.

My rabbits are growing by leaps and bounds. The female is now 6 pounds 4 ounces and the male is 5 pounds 8 ounces. He is a bit underweight and that concerns me a tiny bit. I am hoping they continue to grow well and healthy. They are almost 3 months old and the desired weight of a healthy Flemish Giant at 3 months is 6 to 7 pounds.

I hope you have a wonderful week and I will see you back here next Monday where I will tell you a tiny bit about the upcoming story on the 17th. It is awesome and may be the last short story before the book is published.

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