• Sherry Foster

Nicole or NikNik

So the children are somewhere in Mexico and Gammon is determined to rescue them and bring them back to his pack. But he is going to need some help and that help is going to come from the most unlikely of sources. He is going all the way to the top for the help he needs. But who is at the top? And how is he going to convince them to help him when even he knows he could start a war? And what about those children? Was it a young girl who called or a young boy? And the other child? It won't be long now. And Senator Avery and the rogue faction? When are we going to hear more about them? Nicole has more than a few surprises in store. Will we find out more about the curse and can Kate break it? Will Nathaniel stick around the pack and help her learn how to use her powers? Will Marcus let him? And what happens to Casey now that Miranda is not herself? We may not get all the answers to all the questions in Nicole... but Nicole isn't the last book either.

And another thing... Miranda isn't dead, but she is a vegetable. What happens to her? Will she go the way of Frank or is the magic her way back?

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