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What's going on now?

I would say I am hunkered down and staying safe from the Coronavirus but that isn't exactly true. For me it is business as usual. I am in North Dakota, which is over 1000 miles from home and it is cold. I don't do well in the cold. I am certain I am highly allergic to snow. This is where I frown at anyone who says it is just frozen water and therefore I can't be allergic to snow. I must be, I have all the allergic reaction symptoms. If I told you I had just started a new medication and I was having trouble breathing to the point it felt like knives were being stabbed in my lungs, small bumps had broken out all over my body, I was getting uncontrollable shakes, losing feeling in my hands and feet you would tell me to immediately stop taking the medication and see a doctor because those were clearly allergic reactions. Yet when I tell people I am clearly allergic to snow they laugh at me!! Can you believe that? I can't either.

I hope you are staying safe and keeping your family safe. You probably have more time to read right now, unless you have the kids home from school and you weren't prepared for that. My heart goes out to everyone who can't work, kids home all day, and they aren't prepared for this level of the world has gone crazy. Groceries are a bit hard to find right now for us. We can't find beef at all, no hamburger meat, no roast (I can make lots of stuff by cutting up roast)-- and rice, I can live without rice but Kendall can live on rice. We don't have much rice at all. He has gone out to forage for food. Most specifically rice but hopefully he can find meats.

My daughter went from one child at home to four and she has already thrown in the towel. I pointed out to her, Saturday, that she can't throw in the towel so early. After all, the lock-down there didn't even start until Monday so Saturday was a normal weekend. At least let them be out on a school day before you give up. She is ready for me to come home and have the kids visit. Meanwhile I don't know if, by the time I am to fly home, the airports will be open. (Actually not extremely worried about this occurring but it is possible.)

So books-- bet you are wondering what is happening with the books. Gracie, book 11, is in the works. Through the Portal, book 3 in the Deyarian Series is also in the works. Meanwhile I am putting out some short stories about Gammon's early life. I have sent out 2 via my email so far and the next one is scheduled for March 29th.

I have been speaking with my narrator, Jacq, you can find her page here: anyway, I have been talking with her about the books. She has completed 3 but 2 are in review with Audible. She will be starting book four in a few weeks. I am pretty excited about this. Visit her page and see the other books she has narrated.

If you have never had audible and you would like to give it a free try with Gabby and you are in the US click here and have 30 days free and Gabby, the audio book. In the UK and want to try audible? No problem.

Remember, it is free for 30 days and you can cancel anytime. Meanwhile, you get Gabby. The food forager has not returned home. Possibly zombies ate him? Oh right, we don't yet have zombies. Different genre.

So anyway, if you don't have the short stories, and you want the short stories, sign up and send me an email and I will send you the ones you are missing. Please don't ask me to add you to the list, I can't, legally put your name on the list. You have to volunteer. I don't send out many newsletters so you will not be getting spammed with a load of emails. I do not give your email to anyone else either. I can send you an email with the short stories, and if I do you will get the ones I have sent but you won't be on the list to get new ones.

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